Will you

Yash Shrivastava
1 min readMay 18, 2020


With a handful of breaths left of my lucid days
I call out your name in the most faithful of ways
Will you come and catch me from sinking again
In this whirlpool of wearies and endless mundane

I write blank spaces and words, black silence and waiting
Can't jump off this pretense, for the windows are melting
Howls, vowels, melodies, will you search me a song
That recognizes my pain, that i am more than my wrong

As the walls draw closer, I call out for you again
The threads are snapping that were holding me sane
Will you come and hold me, and tell me it's all right
With each breath I am losing to myself in this fight



Yash Shrivastava

Mostly poetry in Hindi and English